Weight Loss Motivation Tips

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A lot of people start on a goal only to have it fizzle out in a few short weeks. They get themselves pumped up on possibilities and even make some progress, but the day to day to day grind of life lugs them back to their starting point. Sound familiar? Today I want to show you a few strategies to help you recover your original focus and keep your marching towards your goals.
Will power … it’s not enough
Achieving long term goals is not all about will power. Our upbringing beats over the head with this concept and it starts to become more annoying than helpful. Will power doesn’t last.  Even if you have a ton of it, and you’re very strict with yourself, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  If you diet strictly for 12 weeks and ease back into your old eating habits you’ll gain all your weight back. It’s actually worse than that because metabolically you’ll rebound from the deprivation and likely gain more than you started with.  The trick is to first recognize and acknowledge this familiar pattern and then shift your focus.  Depriving yourself for a few months in search a glorious day where you fit into a size 2 sounds promising but is a bad plan.  Instead, find happiness and achievement in your everyday life.  As you adopt new healthy patterns like eating better, or exercising, acknowledge these little victories to yourself and feel happy because you know you are getting closer to your bigger goal.  We have all heard the saying that life is a journey not a destination. Start enjoying the journey, the end will be there regardless of whether you did or not.
You’ve probably been on diets before and lost some weight but then it tapered off.  You kept on with your new habits but then one day the scale went up a pound and you spent the rest of your day in an internal cell of depression. Trying to accomplish anything can be frustrating.  This is especially true for weight loss because it’s so rooted in deprivation and consistency. If you have felt like this, don’t get depressed because it’s totally normal. Don’t let your depression consume you. Instead chose to learn for your setbacks and reevaluate the things you are doing.  It’s less the case that your diet is failing and more the case that your body is searching for a new point of balance.  If you feel stuck, try new things. Try yoga or walking. Even getting to bed a little earlier can help you lose weight.  Above all, have some faith.  Know that you will lose the weight. Your body is not plotting against you. Your path might be unique and filled with peaks and valleys. If you experiment and fine tune your habits you’ll get there.
It takes time to meet any goal. For the most part, the time it takes to achieve is proportional to the size and outlandishness of the goal.  If you feel like it is going to take a year to accomplish your weight loss and you can’t bear the thought of such an outrageous amount of time. Consider this, that year is going to pass no matter what you do.  You can have the results you want or you can a story of why you can’t lose weight.

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