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Hi,  I’m Leah W.

I started this blog to help people lose weight and meet their goals.  I have personally lost over 60 pounds and made a total body transformation.  It motivated me to want to help others.  I discovered that staying motivated and having the right mind set is key to getting where you want to be.

Read my blog daily here.  I fill it with everything from questions from my audience to motivation to keep you headed towards your goal.  Feel free to leave comments on my posts.  I love interacting with like minded people and those who are really in need of someone who understands.  Look for me on your favorite social networks.  Connect to me on Facebook.  I know you have a Facebook!  Be sure to visit my fanpage and “like”  my posts. You can also connect to me on Pintrest, Twiter and Tumblr.

Helping others by researching diets and exercise systems for weight loss has become my passion.   I’ll help you find the system that will work for you. Weight loss is amazing, but the increased health that goes with it is life changing.  Can you imagine how you would feel if you lost 20 to 30 pounds?  You wouldn’t feel self conscience at the beach.  You wouldn’t be nervous when you saw the nurse pull out that blood pressure cuff.

Get started with me today. Send me an email at  and tell me what your weight loss goals are. I’ll separate weight loss fact from fiction and get you to your goal.

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