Celebrity nutrition … should we trust these people ?



Have you ever noticed that evergreen companies in the weight loss industry are willing to shell out millions of dollars annually for celebrity endorsements? We have seen this years with Anna Nicole Smith in Trimspa commercials, Marie Osmond on the Nutrisystem website and even the Kim Kardashian weight loss pill that was probably filled with 60% rice flour. We are all moved by celebrities and because of this we listen to them. Occasionally we even see them lose shocking amounts of weight for movie roles. We have seen dramatic weight loss in Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill and even Snooki (google it!) When celebrities tout weight loss products should we believe that they actually using them? The answer is … it doesn’t matter! They might be using the product they are pushing, but at the end of the day we all know they are probably doing something else far more effective. Maybe Anna Nicole Smith did take Trim Spa but that does mean she didn’t starve herself, hire a personal trainer or take thyroid drugs. After all, it’s no secret celebrities have money for individual personal trainers and highly engineered nutritional meals.  We can’t look at celebrity and say, “see it works!” We really have no idea what they have been doing and we can’t trust them because by supposition they have been bought off. What does it mean for the person who wants to lose weight and is looking for the answer? In terms of celebrity endorsements there are two things to walk away with here.  The first is we shouldn’t trust celebrities on medical issues. The second is people, including celebrities do lose weight, so you should have hope that the game is winnable. We should also find out what are they really doing.


Fitness vs heath.

You’re reading this so you clearly want to lose weight. I have a question for you. Do you want to be fit or healthy? Most people’s answer is both, but they sure don’t act like. They really want to be “fit” and possibly look like some celebrity they idolize. This type of idolization makes girls feel like they need to be super thin and men get the Adonis complex. In extreme cases you seem woman turn to eating disorders and men turn to steroids and other drugs. Most people have not even thoughts this kind of thing through at this level of granularity but this type of thought process is going to have a huge impact on what you choose to do fitness. To make this kind of decision you should consider the implications that your choices are making. Does being fit imply you are a healthy weight? God no! The best example here are people who perform well athletically but are very unhealthy. Football players are a great example of this. Lots of them run a 4.4 40 but look like they are incubating twins. I’m not saying that fit people can’t be healthy. This certainly does happen. However, healthy people are always going to be a healthy weight. You might want to disagree with this but turn off your internal dialogue for a second. What does “healthy” really mean in an objective way?  It means your bmi is normal, your waist is reasonable, your vital signs are in a healthy range and your blood type is not Ragu. If you make your goal health, weight loss is an immediate consequence. You don’t need a personal trainer or an expensive gym membership to find quick healthy weight loss. We’ve just made a huge revelation but how can you put it to work in your life? From what we have seen here losing weight is really a consequence of healthy living. Heath is mostly generated by what you eat though. It’s really all about what you put in to your body.


The reality of it all


The problem for a lot of people is something they fail to identify in themselves or even notice in other people. In our culture people would rather look healthy than be healthy. They would rather look rich then be rich. A lot of the attributes of health that most people would cite are things like being tan or having muscles. What you are seeing with this type of thinking is the manifestation of the subconscious thought that reality can never be what they want it to be.  This leads to be consumed with wondering what people are thinking about you and ultimately alters your behavior to try to impress people who couldn’t care less how you look. You need to make sure that the habits you develop to be healthy are actually healthy. Once you tap into this very obvious fact you’ll understand why liposuction is so stupid. It’s just short term thinking. If a surgeon sucks fat out of your body you’ll just gain it back someplace else. We talked earlier about celebrity advertising. Now you can be cognizant of what these people are trying to sell you on. The Kardashian girls push weight loss pills. You know weight pill are just filled with ridiculous and largely untested substances so you know they are not something that you should be putting into your body. Besides, Kim butt is enormous at this point. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it in person! The lesson here is that you get what you focus on. If you only focus on weight loss you’ll probably lose weight in the short term, but we both know you won’t keep it off. You’ll get off your diet and just yo-yo does. However, if you keep your focus on health living and what you put into your body you’ll end up with a healthy body. Healthy people almost always weight the right amount so that is what you should focus on. Stop worrying about what other people think about you and start worrying about how things actually are. When your reality is better than your dreams, your life is on the right track.



The weight loss motivational

Obsession with appearance is the very mentality that herds people into gyms and ultimately keeps them from doing the things that will really change their lives. People end up going to gyms with the intention of making a fantastic change but it’s not too long before they end up socializing and not even breaking a sweat. The effect just snowballs because people start to think that their minimal workout is enough to justify eating whatever they want. “I did a half mile today, a little McDonald’s wont’ hurt”. Sound familiar?  You have to identify these kinds of patterns or you’ll easily fall into them. If you make a healthy life your goal you’ll be healthy, which is fantastic, but you’ll also get the body you want. People ask me what is the secret of weight loss all the time. The truth is its just consistency. It’s easy for people to stick with things for a short period of time but real results come with extreme consistency. I’ve talked about this before here http://weightlossfinally.com/why-your-last-weight-loss-diet-failed/. People end up joining gyms out of novelty and the illusion that they are making progress. If Stacy joins a gym to lose weight every day that she goes there she is going to feel like she is making progress even if her entire gym experience devolves into her drinking free smoothies samples at the juice bar. The feeling that you are making progress might be the very thing that is preventing you from actually making progress. You can actually learn something from our celebrity friends here. If you look at some people who have made drastic weight changes from movie rolls you’ll start to see a pattern. Whether it’s Christinan Bale only eating apples for The Machinest or Matthew McConaughey just plain starving himself for Dallas Buyers Club the common thread here is what they were eating. If you take the time to look into it you’ll see that almost all celebrity weight loss comes from crash dieting. I’m not here to support crash dieting but you would have to be an idiot to ignore the fact that huge changes in weight are directly coming from huge changes in diet. You need to eat the right things. I have some meals plans herehttp://weightlossfinally.com/a-sample-diet-meal-plan/ on my blog but if they aren’t suited for you there are many options to choose from. I also want to be clear that I’m not against exercise. I’m a total exercise guru and I love it, but I have seen so many examples weight loss journeys that started with exercise and lived a short life. Please start your weight loss goals with what you eat or you’re fighting an uphill battle that you’ll never win unless you put the puzzle piece of diet in the right place.


Lastly I love to people start their weight loss journey and stick with. I think Hillary is a great example. Check out her journey and give her the support she needs.  Stop by her facebook page and giver her some support https://m.facebook.com/hillsweightloss


What are you doing to lose weight? Leave a comment and let me know.


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