Drinking Water to Lose Weight

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water_to_lose_weight3 ways to drink more water for healthy fast weight loss

We all know that we should be drinking more water. The guideline that medical professionals have set stone for water consumption has always been the almighty eight glasses. However, people have a really tough time getting all that water down. There are a variety of contributing factors that hinder people’s water consumption, but we all know the big ones are time, temptation to drink something better, and inconvenience. Newer research is suggesting that we need even more water. The eight glasses of yesteryear are up to a gallon or more. Some evidence even suggests that you should consume as much as a half-gallon per meal. If you aren’t a water drinker I want to show you how develop habits that will transform you into one in as little as a week. If you already drink adequate amounts of water I’ll show you a few life hacks to keep you consistent and craving H2O.

Reasons for drinking water

Any doctor will tell you to drink more water for almost any ailment. The most frequent recommendation for people with a bad cold for the flu is plenty of fluids. Why is water so magical though? Let’s take a look at a few reasons to help motivate you.

Your body is mostly water and it is in a constant state of trying to rebalance its self and regenerate. The only time when it is not trying to achieve this balance is when you are dead. Over a course of several years you’ll actually grow entirely new skin and organs. However, this process can’t take place if your cells are dying of thirst and your blood is thickening from poor diet and stress. Consuming water will immediately aid in the very processes that are keeping you alive and kicking.

In recent years people are on a fitness and health quest. Stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe are wide spread throughout the United States. People will literally cough up thousands of dollars to buy pills that have tiny specs of popular ingredients but are mostly just rice flour. Lots of people signed up for Weight Watchers when they started parading out commercials with Jennifer Hudson in them. Don’t be fooled by this type of shameless advertising. I would tell you that you have nearly the exact same effect from drinking lots of water as the leading diet pill from GNC. Everybody wants a lean muscular body but they get all fixated on trying to look like Beyonce or some ripped MMA fighter and forget that muscles are mostly just water. You don’t need fancy and expensive supplement you can get the same end result promoted in magazines by diet and adequate hydration.

I have been preaching how to lose weight for quite some time now and during that time people have shared their war stories with me. I’ve gotten to see first hand what has been successful for people and what has not. More importantly I’ve seen what diets of successful people have in common. There are few things but one thing that is always there is water. It isn’t always just the volume that they drink it’s also the restriction of other drinks in favor of drinking water. If you really want to lose serious weight, water is must.

Have water prepared to drink

Water is a bland drink and it doesn’t seem appealing when you can grab a Coke that is cold and refreshingly carbonated. If you really intend to drink a massive amount of water every day then you need to plan where it is going to come from and how are you going to have access to it. On really good way to do this is use a gallon jug of water and keep it in your refrigerator at home. Fill it up every night before you go to bed to plan for the next day. The rest is easy. Finish that jug before 9 o’clock. If you miss that deadline your might be making frequent visits to the bathroom all night. This type of plan has been part of my life for years and I know many people who use similar plans. The water will be cold coming out of the refrigerator but you can make it extra cold by adding ice. If you have two large glasses of cold water before you leave the house in the morning or when you are starting your day that you have stoked the fire for fat burning. Get a large cup to drink your water out of it. Every time you use it be sure to fill it up and drink it all. Try to drinking quickly. If you spend time sipping it you are more likely to set it down and forget about it. Another plan to have your water ready to drink is to take your gallon to work with you. I recently talked to somebody who would buy 5 one gallon jugs of filtered water from a drugstore on Sunday for a dollar each and take one into work with them each day. Apparently it’s easy to drink a ton of water over an 8 hour day.

Water as a food for digestive health

You probably have a beverage of choice that you have for meals. This is especially true if you go out to eat out. Try drinking water with you meals. It takes some time to get used to this but you’ll find it’s actually very refreshing. Retraining your taste buds some time but it’s a necessary step you are going to get serious about eating healthy and losing weight.   The part about this plan is the water you drink with the meal will count towards you daily water consumption. Ideally, you should drink about a gallon of water a day. This is much easier to do if you stomach isn’t all bloated up with the carbon dioxide in soda. Some people like to drink ice tea and insist that it is mostly water. I really encourage making a commitment to water and stick with it. Aim for that gallon of water and get there. Drinking water with food will help you digest it more easily and you’ll ultimately feel better for it.  After you make this small investment in your heath and goals it will pay dividends immediately.  Your grocery bills and waist size will shrink.  You’ll feel better because you won’t be filled up with things you always knew were bad for you and you’ll have the personal satisfaction of knowing you are getting all the water that you need.

Water infusion is awesome

There a lots of ways to spice up your water and give a just a touch of variety. You can always drink bottled water. The water is processed with ozone to give it a cleaner and more refreshing feel. If you feel like you need this little bit of zest to help you get your water down then you should do it. You can achieve a similar effect with water filters. There are several filtration systems to choose from and most of them our relatively cheap. You can use a Brita water pitcher or even a Pur water filter that fits over the aerator of your kitchen faucet. Any of these options are great and cleaner, colder water just taste better. Colder water has the benefit awakening your metabolism. Your body will actually use calories to even out your core body temperature. This is ideal to get your metabolism humming. The final thing you can do to make your water more interesting is infuse it. This is awesome. Infusing means you cram your favorite fruits in your water pitcher and let their flavor infuse the water. This gives the water a little more flavor and make it more interesting for you .  You can buy a pitcher like this to have infused water on hand at all times.  I also keep a personal infuser bottle like this one at work. You should get one for your home or office today.   Infusion gives the water a subtle flavor that isn’t overpowering like other drinks. It helps you train your taste buds to enjoy flavor which it ultimately help you eat less and enjoy flavors more.

There you have it! Three awesome tips to drink more water and lose weight. Let’s review, plan out your water intake, drink water with a meal and spice up your water with infusion or filtering. These tips should help you get down all the water that you know you should and connect yet another piece in you quest for weight loss and being healthier in general. Reading some tips like this is just not enough though. You have to take action. Follow what I said here and put it into practice. You’ll feel better and you’ll be participating in a community of like minded people. If you have tried out these tips leave a comment below and let me know how it went for you.


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