How to Lose Belly Fat with Diet

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One of the keys to living longer is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  Moreover, it has been shown many times that people who live longer than average have a smaller waist. This is why it is important to not only be cognizant of how much you weigh and what shape your love handles are in, but how big your waist line is also. I’ve given some tips to lose belly fat before here at weight loss tricks.   We all know excess body fat is unappealing but it also unhealthy and unsightly. They stomach is an important region of the body because it houses many of your most important organs. Your liver is right under your right rib cage and of course you pancreas is maybe the most important organ for digestion. It produces the hormone insulin that plays a key role in blood sugar regulation. Erosion of that sensitive blood sugar balance is what gives people diabetes and often times aggressive cancer.


Belly fat to burn

To be successful losing weight around your waist it would be very helpful to have an understating of exactly where you are now and where you would want to be.  Dr. Oz has actually given some very useful metrics for this topic in the past.  To get started you need measure your waist. Take an honest measurement around your belly button.  A tape measure like this  can be helpful. In any case, your height should be twice the size of your waist. Get these numbers down and you’ll know exactly what you are starting with and where you want to land with your belly fat burning journey. You can also check out Dr. Oz tips


How to lose belly fat forever


Your first step is to be aware of a weight loss myths like spot reduction.  Spot reduction refers to the idea or concept that you can target fat loss to one particular part of the body.  I called this a myth for a reason.  Your body doesn’t work that way.  You’re not going to lose belly fat by doing sit ups and no amount of arm exercises are going to cause target the fat on your arms.  Your body is a complex system and it only knows how to respond as a system.  The good news is you definitely can lose weight around your waist. However, novel stomach exercises are not going to move the needle.  Your diet has to be tightly focused so can help your body prioritize fat from around your waist. You might have heard me Tweet can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, but let me show you how you can make some smarter diet choices and get closer to where you want to be

Belly fat diet for dummies


  • Harmful Effects of Fast food:    How much fast food is acceptable?The answer is none.  You should never be eating this stuff.  I’ve looked at chickens at farms many times and I still haven’t seen the nuggets.  The food from these places is processed to the max.  It’s so bad, not only is it fattening but it’s filled with so many chemicals your body doesn’t know to even begin to digest this food once it passes the exposure to stomach acid.  Your body wants to be healthy. It is always trying to keep your stomach from expanding  to the belt size of equator, body it can’t keep up with the mega-doses of chemicals contained in fast food, soda and other unnatural food.


  • Weight Loss Superfoods:  There is a long list to be given here and it probably merits a whole other blog post.  Eat some broccoli. I order instead of fries and a restaurant and you can too.  Make yourself a salad for lunch and fill it with these superfoods like kale, bell peppers and beets. This also solves the problem of what to take for lunch every day. Make yourself a super food salad and watch your stomach melt away.


  • Commercial:   This is easy. Don’t eat anything that has a commercial. Stop for a minute and think about how profound that is and remember it when you are making your grocery list. This is going to force you to eat healthier things and stop the addiction that you have developed to processed foods and low glycemic carbs.


  • Choose the right Snacks::   Lots of times people are not really hungry they just have a compulsion to consume. The good news is as you lose weight and your stomach tightens up this urge will abate.  In the meantime stop eating Doritos and start eating almonds, carrots and celery.  These foods will give you fiber that will actually grab onto to fat and cholesterol and rip it out of your guts.  The effect of this will be immediate and if you stay with it for only a few weeks you’ll actually notice your resting heart rate go down because the heart muscle has to work less. Celeary is extra magical because it’s bordering on negative calories.  You are you likely to expend more calories eating it than it will contribute to your body.


  • Healthy Balanced Fats:   Fats aren’t really the things that are making your waist big.  It’s typically the perfect storm of processed foods, inactivity and sheer volume of ingestion. Omega three fatty acids can help you lose weight and tighten your waist.  You can put some healthy fats right into your super food salad.  Avocados are an often cited source, but fish is great too. Salmon and orange roughy are great choices.  You can cook them in the oven for a hot, filling meal that will keep that waist line shrinking.  If you have a sweet tooth you can try a tablespoon of peanut butter.  This will satisfy you and not have the effect of stuffing your full of cookies or other unhealthy alternatives.
  • Black Beans:  More and more research suggests that people should eat more of a vegetarian diet.  That is not to say you should never touch animal products. However,  the fiber and super nutrients from plant based diets has a serious positive impact on your heath, immunity and vitality.  People often point out the short coming of a plant based diet is the lack of protein. Beans are the magic answer to the protein question.  You can get all the protein you need from beans.  They provide both protein and fiber which in the one-two punch for health in general and belly fat specifically.  Give it a try .


  • Apples:  This is a truly amazing food and I eat one every day in the morning.  The slow release of the sugars in an apple are more effective waking you up than coffee.  This seems like a bold claim, but if you give it a try for one week you will be a believer.  Apples are a great dose of fiber but they have two other special ingredients that put them in their own class, catechins and flavonols.  These are antioxidants that cripple the body’s ability to store fat particularly in the abdominal region.  Antioxidants are also known to ward off cancer cells and aid in immunity.  With the huge variety of apples that are available you owe it to yourself to go out and find your personal favorite.  An apple a day really does work.
  • Can Tea Help you lose weight ?:  Starbucks has turned many people into full blown coffee addicts but many people neglect the value and healthy benefits of tea.  Many types of tea have even more caffeine that premium coffee and are better for you in the sense providing antioxidants and being a full on fat eradicator.  It has been shown many times that cells don’t absorb fat effectively when swimming in the presence of tea and it’s digested byproducts.  Green tea in particular is great for keeping your metabolism humming and it has a naturally good flavor that you won’t feel the need to alter with artificial sweeteners.  Black and white teas also offer many health benefits.  I will be  likely discuss that in a future post.
  • Berries:  These are another source of antioxidants that prohibit fat cell growth in the midsection.  What is great about berries is there are so many different kinds and they are so easy to throw into your diet.  You can buy them in bulk frozen and use them in things like smoothies or even as a garnish.  Steal cut oatmeal is a low glycemic carb that is the perfect base for a berry garnishment. I like to buy the mix bag for variety.



Where to Start with Weight Loss

Being aware of this type of information is the first step.  Give yourself a high five for coming this far.  They next step is to take action.  Informative information is worthless if you don’t turn into action and gain momentum in your life and daily habits. Follow these tips and you are on way to a healthier and better looking body.  Understanding the specific muscular structure of the abdominal area can also help you accomplish your biggest ab goals.  An informative article with lots of pictures and advice for great abs is here.  If you like what you have read here bookmark in on StumbleUpon and Reddit.  The links are right below.  Follow me on Twitter. It’s a great way to stay in touch.


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