How to Lose Weight in a Week Without Dieting … in 4 Steps

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The body is a complex system.  Your overall appearance and health are a result of many contributing factors.  Diet and exercise are the often touted solutions to obesity and high cholesterol, but there is so much more going on in our bodies that can have profound effects on our health.  Diets  fail more frequently than they succeed.  They have no exit strategy.  You should always question anything that outright labels itself as a diet because they are just selling you on a result and not helping get healthy are achieve the balance that you need to maintain to live a long and healthy life. If you are now or have ever tried to find ways to lose weight you are probably well aware that you could easily hit your goal if you went on a drastic calorie restriction plan.  It would work.  In fact, we have seen this many times in Hollywood movies where celebrities lose shocking amounts of weight with drastic food restriction.  We’ve seen it in Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey and even 50 Cent.  Extreme crash diets do achieve results and might even get you in a movie, but they aren’t healthy or even long term maintainable.  If you are reading this you probably have googled many times for things like “how to lose weight”  or  “weight loss miracles”.  Invariably you have found lists of novel exercises, crazy diets and Dr. Oz latest cure.  Diet and exercise are really important staples of health and body constitution,  but there are many other things in your life that you can optimize to coax your body into a position where weight loss is easy and achievable.  Things like stress management, sleep and even timing of routine activities can affect critical hormones like insulin and thryroid stimulating hormone.  If you can optimize these tier two health habits then you can achieve two things simultaneously.  You can get closer to where you want to be with your body and stop being depressed about the beating drum of diet and exercise.



Don’t Eat to Lose Weight … Nourish

The weight loss and diet industry have been around forever.  The tricky aspect is people don’t ever dive deep into it because they are usually just looking for something that will work for them individually.  With this scenario people never get the pulse of what’s going on and can’t separate fact from fiction.  They just see results they want and commit to buy something that is just a gimmick. Don’t worry, you’re here with me and I’m well steeped in what works and what doesn’t.  If you look at the most successful diets and healthy life hacks you’ll notice the commonality is the differentiation between nutrition and diet.  People are more overweight now than any other time in history.  In the United States we have we have crossed a scary boundary where more people are dying of obesity than starvation.  We’re fatter than ever but we are starving on a cellular level.  Simply put, we are eating too much processed food and nowhere near enough of super foods, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids.  The defacto authority on this is Dr Joel Furhman   Being cognizant of all these facts will get you in the right state to the first step in healthy fast weight loss. That is,  eliminate stress eating.  Stress eating is food that you eat for comfort because you know it will relieve stress.  This is the food you default to when you don’t have time to make the healthy dinner you planned. Things like fast food, pizza and chocolates need to go.  I’m not promoting a diet here but I am telling you to eliminate junk food.  It’s not helping your goals and it leads to out of control eating and quantity that is nowhere near the portion size for weigh loss.


Finding Comfort elsewhere is When you Lose Weight


When I consult with people who are trying to lose weight I almost always find out they have an insurmountable of stress and commitment in other aspects of their lives.  If you are looking for the best weight loss advice out there, then the answer is not in some miracle diet or weight loss motivation quote.  You just need to do the simple things that add up to having unstoppable momentum.  Find strategies to cope with these stresses in your life that having nothing to do with the food you are eating.  Make a commitment to sleeping more.  Consistently, get your seven to eight hours of sleep.  You’ll feel better and you’ll find your dependence on foods you know you shouldn’t being will just die off.  Make sure your finances are under control.  Go through your bills and cut frivolous spending.  Do you buy a new pen any time you can’t find one handy?  Learn to identify these behaviors and get organized so you aren’t wasting your money on things that you could readily do for free if you put an extra five minutes of time into them.  Overall, remember to enjoy your life.  Life is a journey not a destination.  Stopping looking down the road for happiness and appreciate what you have right now.  If you can find comfort in other aspects of your life you’ll spend a lot less time Googling things like weight loss motivational pictures.  Moreover, you’ll stop looking for comfort in food and the rest will fall into place.




When you resolve to lose weight it’s natural to look for a starting point or weight loss tricks to get things moving along.  One of the best tips for fast weight loss is detoxification.  You can start this process today without making any kind of radical changes to your diet and it will have a profound effect.  It’s difficult to get the weight loss process started because most people are filled to the eye balls with toxins found in processed foods.  If you can get into the routine of avoiding these kinds of foods and chemicals you’ll find that you can lose weight very fast.  In fact America is notorious for “Frakenfood” , which is food that is composed of other  inorganic compounds.  Many other countries outlaw these other compounds but because it is cheaper to use them they are mass produced in the United States.  Big offenders of this are crackers, cookies, and cereals.  You should avoid these foods like the plague if you are trying to lose weight.  Other things that can drastically accelerate detoxification are simple things like drinking water with lemon and replacing one meal a day with a large salad that contains lots of green vegetables. The holy grail of detoxification remains juicing though.  Juicing allows you to take in a massive amount of phytonutrients that let you detoxify ultra-fast.  There are many juicing recipes out there but the runaway winner is “mean-green”.  It’s a mix kale, cucumber and ginger.  If you focus on detoxification the weight will melt away and you’ll have your very own weight loss success story.


Out of control eating

Most people are guilty of out of control eating.  This is a reference to two attributes of your food consumption, volume and speed. People generally eat too fast.   If you eat fast you are invariably going to eat more and you won’t like the number you see on the scale the next time you way yourself.  This is a great fact to be cognizant of because it can make a big impact and it’s such any easy change to make.  The short answer here is to just slow down, but people usually slip into automatic mode when they are eating and it makes it hard to know if they are guilty of this or not.  One way to grab control of the speed you eat at is to count your chewing. Thirty is the typically recommended number.  The next time you eat, count before you swallow and see how much you actually chew.  This might not seem relevant to you but it actually makes a pretty big difference if you think about it.  The less you chew the bigger chunk you swallow and the more your body needs to work to digest that chunk.  This means it needs you exert more from your pancreas and stomach to break the food down to a level that it should have been when it arrived in the stomach initially. Remember to eat slowly and enjoy your food. Nobody is going to take it away from you.  If you eat more slowly you give the brain more time for it to realize that you are becoming full.  Once you hit this point of satiation you can avoid extra calories.

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