Can I Lose Weight ?

vegan_dietOk, I think it’s about time we address the elephant in the room.  That thing that I’m sure you’ve tried to ignore for many years.  The thing you’ve make excuses for and explained away in your own mind in so many ways.

You’re fat.  Yes, it’s true.  You’re not fluffy, or festively plump.  You’re fat.

Don’t cry.  We’re all friends here.   Admitting it to yourself if the first step to getting healthier and thinner.  I know.  I was fat too.  Losing weight is freaking hard, mentally and physically!   But you have to take a serious look at yourself and where your life is headed.  My life was headed towards diabetes, heart disease, probably cancer, not to mention stuff like hip replacements, knee replacements…all the fun stuff that generally awaits those who continue to haul around more weight than their poor body is able to handle.

But in spite of all of those reasons to get healthy, for years I still managed to lie to myself daily.  I told myself that because I have Hypothyroidism it explained all my excess weight, and it wasn’t my fault.  I told myself that I really wasn’t even that fat.  When I couldn’t deny that one after seeing the number on the scale, I told myself that I carried my weight well.  Sure I weighed a lot, but I didn’t really look like it!?   Then came the lies about dieting.  I told myself, and anyone else who cared to ask, that I’d tried every diet known to man.  Even the really stupid ones.  The rice diet…remember that one? But when I say I tried, what I really mean is I gave it my half-assed best for a week, was shocked, SHOCKED when I hadn’t lost 20lbs, and then bemoaned my terrible luck about my thyroid and how clearly it meant I was never going to be able to lose weight.  And in the words of Homer Simpson I told myself, you tried and you failed, the lesson here is never try.

That’s where we come to the final stage of being overweight.  Acceptance.  And there’s been a lot of stuff lately written about body acceptance and fat shaming and loving our bodies and ourselves for who we are.  And let me be clear, I’m all in favor of loving your body, and I think anyone who would try to shame you for what you look like is an asshole whose parent’s forgot to teach them empathy.  But I think too often accepting your body the way it is when you’re seriously overweight is more a case of giving up.  I’m not saying this is true for everyone, but it was for me and I think if some people are honest they’d admit they got to that point too.   And truly loving your body means taking care of it.

Here’s the truth about me.  I was overweight because I ate bad food and didn’t exercise.  Having Hypothyroidism certainly didn’t help and definitely started off my weight gain, but I definitely wouldn’t have gained as much as I did had I been eating well to begin with.  And while having it certainly makes losing weight harder, it is by no means impossible and I shouldn’t have used it as my excuse.

So if you’re serious about weightloss then it’s time to give yourself an Intervention and be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you really doing everything you can to get healthy and lose the weight?  Could be doing better in some areas?  What lies are you telling yourself?  Are you truly happy to just accept things the way they are?





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