Lift Weights to Lose Weight

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weight_loss_tipsEvery expert started as a beginner so don’t be intimidated when it comes to losing weight . If you havn’t lifted weights before, stay focused on keeping it basic.  Focus on one muscle group per day.  Start using machines in the beginning.  It’s usually easy to figure out how to use them and moving pins up and down a weight stack is preferable to lugging around heavy weights.  Also, with machines you won’t feel that people are looking at you. They are usually more innocuous and on the perimeter of a gym floor.

A Basic Three Day Program.

 For one day you can focus on your chest and back.  Using antagonistic muscle groups against each other has a synergistic effect.  Find a bench press pushing machine and a back machine focused on pulling the weight towards you. Try for four sets per exercise and stay in the 8 to 12 rep range. Thinking about this range will help you select a weight that is right for you.  Try to increase the weight after each set.


On the next day, work on your legs.  People avoid this like crazy because your legs can get sore easily and it’s more of a total body movement which is exhausting.  However, paying your dues here can build the largest muscles in your body and kick your metabolism to a whole other level consequence.  Try to keep your legs in the 15 to 20 rep range though. Bigger muscles need more reps.


For your last day of the week, work on your arms.  Find an arm curling machine and an arm push down machine and you can return to your 8 to 10 rep range.  It’s important to put the leg day between the other two.  Pushing and pulling movements can fatigue your arms and make them sore enough that the arm day will be a rough go. Wait for muscle groups to completely heal from soreness before you work on them again.  This rule goes for advanced people too.



Advanced weight lifting programs will follow the same rep and sets patterns given.  However, they make heavy use of compound movements like squats, rows and bench press.  They will also extend into the 5 day a week realm by adding another day for shoulders and splitting back and chest into separate days.  You should try to get more advanced with your weight lifting but it’s not the most important thing in the world and in my experience a small amount with consistency will go along way.  Lifting weights can make all the difference in the world on how your body looks. It can give you better shape, posture and presence that you won’t achieve with dieting alone.

When I first started lifting weights I was self conscience and found it very monotonous.  As I kept with it and made incremental progress I started to look forward to it.  I started to see the difference it made it made in my body and it became part of my day to day routine.  I like to encourage people to give it a try because it is very rewarding.  Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.     Leave a comment below or follow me on twitter and pintrist.  Click the links below to connect with me.



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