Portion Control

Portion control is a phrase I hear a lot in the context of dieting and weight loss. When I was first dieting people would often criticize me for eating so strictly. Almost everyone I’ve talked to about dieting and healthy living would tell me it doesn’t matter what you eat, just don’t eat very much.

This is a an easy trap to fall into. Are you eating healthy? You might think so bu in reality you are just eating whatever you want and thinking that it doesn’t matter because it’s not very much. What I want to tell you in this post is that a thimble full of arsenic in a gallon of water is plenty to kill you. It doesn’t take much of a bad thing to ruin a whole lot of really good progress.

Portion control is an important concept but don’t use it as a reason to tell your self a bag of cookies with lunch is totally reasonable. You’ll never lose weight if this is your thought process. The secret to weight loss is to put yourself in a mental state where you don’t those cookies. Keep coming back for more tips.


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