Why Your Last Weight Loss Diet Failed



Mediterranean_DietMany people will do whatever it takes to lose weight .  I’m not just talking about trendy diets where they eat maple syrup and other bizarre things to accomplish their goals.  Lots of people become anorexic, take weight loss pills, and are even willing to undergo surgery to lose weight.  All these plans will cause weight loss but none of them do it in a healthy, natural way that is maintainable.  This is really why diets fail. They have failure built right into them. They are all predicated on this plan of do some novel exercise or eat some unusual foods and meet your goal.  Once the freak show is over, you’re on your own. They don’t have an exit plan or strategy that any reasonable person could live with long term.  Don’t fall for these diet plan gimmicks.  You already know what to eat and what to do to lose weight.  The real trick is being able to stay with it. You’ll never get where you want to be in the future .

Thinking long term

If you are considering doing something for weight loss then it’s important you pick something that you know is healthy and can assimilate into your day to day life for the foreseeable future.  People make themselves run 2 miles at 5 am in the weeks leading up to their poolside debut for summer.  Exercise is good, but will power won’t last.  Don’t set your goals for short term events like weddings or summer.  You’ll just revert back to your old habits when that event passes.  You’ll revert because you know your favorite foods are your favorites because they are good!  You look forward to eating them because you know then will make you feel good.  If you can find a good, long term reason to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle you much closer to your goal than you think.

Always do this!

Natural and safe weight loss is a sacrifice.  You are going to have to stop certain behaviors that you have found comfort in to get what you want.  Yes, you will need to sacrifice your favorite activities of eating and not moving.  Start today by doing little things that you can you know you can keep doing long term.  If you start small you can get small results.  Results are important because they build momentum that can keep you doing those healthy things and encourage you start incorporating new ones.  Don’t go on a diet.  Diets fail.  Go on a healthy lifestyle.  Stop looking for “magic” answers and get back to the things that you know you should be doing.  Stop eating processed food.  Start drinking a gallon of water a day.  Make time in your schedule to exercise.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Everybody is different. The big thing that gets everyone is patience.  Any goal that is going to be a dramatic change is going to take time.  Starting something and staying with it to completion is not just good for dieting.  It’s good for you as a person.


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